this is what you can expect from us:
we'll bring our cameras with various lenses and various forms of lighting from on camera flashes to studio lighting systems. we have backdrops, furniture, stools, stands
bring with you:
  • props
  • instruments
  • hobbies
  • printed jackets
basically anything you want to include that shows your likes or makes you distinctive from the crowd
we will meet you at the location of your choice (within 25 miles of Columbus, Ohio)
be ready to have a good time and learn some things
what is included in the pricing?
we set up the shots, take the shots, process the shots (with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop), and make many adjustments you never see. we generally do as much work behind the computer as we do behind the camera. this is where the real work is. what you'll see is the finished product. 
when we're done, you'll be glad we were your choice.